The New Zealander: 1872

The New Zealander: 1872

Gustave Doré

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An image of the New Zealander, from 'London: a Pilgrimage' by Blanchard Jerrold and Gustave Doré, 1872.
This image of the New Zealander became a popular symbol for describing the fall of the capital. Already something of a cliche by 1872, Jerrold and Doré nevertheless make use of the image as they survey the Thames and reflect on the end of their 'pilgrimage': 'Now we have watched the fleets into noisy Billingsgate; and now gossiped looking towards Wren's grand dome, shaping Macaulay's dream of the far future, with the tourist New Zealander upon the broken parapets, contemplating something matching - "The glory that was Greece - The grandeur that was Rome".'
1872 AD - 1872 AD
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