Selection of writing tools: 16th-17th century.

Selection of writing tools: 16th-17th century.


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Selection of writing tools. On the top left is a turned wood pounce pot, which is a small container with a perforated top. The subsance inside was a powder made from cuttlefish bone or gum sandarac. It would be sprinkled onto the paper after being written on to prevent the ink from spreading. In the center is a green glazed Border ware small rounded jar, possibly an inkwell. It has an everted rim and a bulbous body. The object on the right is an hour glass, it measures time in hours by passing sand from one glass container through a narrow tube into a lower container. On the lower left there are two game peices and a modern reproduction of a 16th century letter. Writing equipment like this would be used in the 16th and 17th century by colonists whose descriptions of settlements and correspondence from London reinforced ties between the old world and the new.
1551 AD - 1700 AD
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